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  • Aircraft, All (except Sweet Pea, 62470)
    • When the interior checklist tells you to listen for the avionics cooling fan, that's not the noise you're hearing. You're hearing the electronic gyro in the Turn Coordinator. In Sweet Pea, the cooling fan does turn on, but in all the other aircraft, you'd have to turn on the avionics switch - which we don't do.
  • Aircraft, 1025V
    • Instead of using the normal TAKEOFF indicator on the trim wheel, I recommend setting the the trim between the "O" and "F" in "TAKEOFF".
    • This is a great reminder of the subtleties of your walk around (pre-flight inspection).  The checklist tells you to set the trim to TAKEOFF.  But do you know what that should look like on your walk around? Raise the tail (elevator) to level. If the trim tab isn't essentially flush with the elevator, something is amiss.  If you use the TAKEOFF mark in 25V, it won't be flush. If you use my suggestion, it will be. Using the TAKEOFF mark will push the nose down in an already nose-heavy aircraft.
    • The Garmin 430. 430s set the screen automatically (backlight and contrast). I haven't figured out how to make it default to manual - and I'm not sure you can. But manual settings are the key. In the auto mode, the screen will start to fade from the top and bottom toward the center. That's a bummer because it's not just your GPS, it's also your COMM 1 and NAV 1.
    • Go into "DISPLAY" and change "Auto" to "Manual", then adjust as shown in the picture below (roughly, doesn't have to be exact). Screen should remain readable for entire flight.
      • Don't know how to do it?  You can Google it, but it's the fourth "page" of the "AUX" chapter. If you have no idea of what i'm talking about, you should learn the 430.  They are highly proliferated among GA.
      • You can also ask me, of course.
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