Cross Country Planning/Flights

General Checklist
  • Draft an overview
    • Is it feasible?
    • Check big picture weather
    • Charts, chart supplements, plotter, whiz wheel (flight computer), NAVLOG, flight plan template
    • Start with a straight line and consider terrain, obstacles, airspace, special use airspace, NAVAIDs and options for a divert
    • Checkpoints (for visual recognition, timing and fuel computations) 
  • Develop the route
  • Obtain a weather brief
    • See the Weather page, specifically the Standard Weather Brief
  • Make NAVLOG (there are dozens, but here is one version)
  • File flight plan (?)
  • Perform self-assessment and airplane pre-flight
  • Other
    • Map management (if using paper maps)

Required information - "RAWFAT"
  • Runway lengths, Alternates, WX, Fuel requirements, ATC delays, TOLD
    • TOLD is takeoff and landing data (or performance data)
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