Briefs / Debriefs

  • Debrief
    • Don’t judge as a person, judge performance.  Get safer.
    • Causes - ask 'why' five times to get to the root cause
    • Collaborative Critique or Facilitated Debrief (from NAFI, 20190220)
      • Change from “Sage on the Stage” to “Guide on the Side” 
      • Replay --> Reconstruct --> Reflect --> Redirect --> Review
      • Replay:
        • Ask trainee to “replay” entire flight
        • Focus as needed on specific phases of flight
        • Ask questions – LISTEN to answers
      • Reconstruct:
        • Use would’ve, should’ve, could’ve to get to a better outcome
        • Also probe for actions that worked / achieved desired outcome
      • Reflect
        • What was the most important thing you learned?
        • What part of the lesson was easiest/hardest?  Why?
        • Did anything make you uncomfortable?  How and why?
        • How would you assess your performance and your decisions?
      • Redirect
        • How does the experience relate to conditions you have previously experienced?
        • Which elements might be unique to this flight, and why?
        • Which aspects of this experience might apply to future flights, and how?
      • Review:
        • Have the trainee review and self-assess performance with reference to the ACS
        • Keep it very objective
    • It is important to evaluate our aviation skillsets as though we were an outside observer, without getting defensive or making excuses.  Every pilot has strong and weak points, good and bad days, and being able to assess those differences before, during, and after each flight is crucial to our ability to learn and improve.
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